Annabelle d'Huart

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2013 – “Dans la ligne de mire”

From September 2013 to March 2014.

Group show throughout the museum, Annabelle d’Huart’s pieces were exhibited in the 18th century salons on the second floor.

Installation: Laisses de mer, braided ropes, knotted strands and beached hawsers forming an immense necklace (24 m long) dotted with enamels from the Choses de flot et de mer collection.

• Embroidery: Black Sea Princess, (333 x 210 cm), E.A./1, Cornely stitch.

• Drawing: Sea Princess, (81 x 121 cm), graphite on Ingres paper

• Jewellery: Choses de flot et de mer biscuits and soft paste enamels (showcase) and high fire enamels displayed on Laisses de mer.

In 2014, the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris put on a show, Dans la ligne de mire, which featured Black Sea Princess and an installation titled Laisses de mer. Based on a negative of a drawing, Black Sea Princess is a large-scale white embroidery on a black tweed. To create Laisses de mer, Annabelle got in touch with a fisherman who saved and dried bits of rope that he found washed up on beaches. The embroiders plaited the ropes together using a variety of sailors knots to create a twenty-four meter textile necklace to which Annabelle hung jewellery from the Choses de flot et de mer collection. The pastel blue, green and orange weather-worn ropes give the necklace a natural quality, and yet, Laisses de mer’s size and the glistening jewels make the installation seem otherworldly.

Location: Museum of Decorative Arts, Paris

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