Annabelle d'Huart

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2011 – “Les Dentelles du ciel”

A set of five pieces made by the lace-makers of Le Puy based on five photographs and a text entitled Les dentelles du ciel.

In 2007, the French bureau of state-owned furniture (Mobilier National) commissioned Annabelle to do a project involving textiles. For this project, she created five drawings based on a series of photographs she had taken of parasol pine trees in the small commune of Cerveterri in Italy. Looking up she had been struck by the network of slender branches and leaves gracefully intertwined against the clear blue sky. The forest’s foliage had become a veil for the heavens. To create the pieces, the lace-makers of Le Puy studied Annabelle’s drawings and reproduced the effect with textiles. The five panels of Les Dentelles du ciel are have been exhibited at the Ministry of Higher Education and Research and are now permanently on display in the French Embassy in Beijing.

The presentation linen measures 300 x 115 cm and the inlaid lace 65 x 50 cm.

Location: Gobelins Manufactory, Paris.