Annabelle d'Huart

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Gladys Mougin Gallery Collection

Twenty or so pieces of jewellery. Defying the norms of conventional jewellery making, Annabelle used jewels like watercolour paints, in a way devoid of hierarchy. The result is a series of one-of-a-kind pieces, which combine materials rarely seen together, such as sea glass set in gold. As much art as jewellery, every necklace enjoys a bespoke bronze bust to hang from and each has its own story. They are modern talismans somewhere between adornments and works of art, not ornaments, but rather personal armours. Annabelle worked alongside award- winning writer and poet Marc Cholodenko to create poetic titles, such as Jules Verne’s Fish or the Intoxication of the Depths or The Candy Cane Empress, and tales, sometimes just snippets of tales, for every piece. Their collaboration was made into a limited edition catalogue for her exhibition Bijoux 2003 at Galerie Mougin in Paris.