Annabelle d'Huart

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1994 – “Songes d’or ou l’origine rêvée” Bronzes

Imagine you take a quick look at a form and try to re-form it in your memory. Imagine you know and love a form and ponder at length over its origins, its present state, its possible extensions. I wanted to merge and cast these brief and long times into matter and try to evoque at the same time the limitless nature of imagination and its trial an error through the multiplicy of plans and the profusion of forms and scales in the limitation of an actual space. Dreams of clay and gold : as though it were possible, by summoning memory, love and imagination to fix into the present the first instant of a vision and the moment when the pondered, dreamy and perfect origin finds again an always uncompleted end.

Pierre Passebon Gallery, Paris, since 2012
Bronze and Gold Sculpture. Edited from 1 to 7.
Private collection, rue de Lille, Paris, 1996