Annabelle d'Huart

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1999 – “Déesses”

April-May, 1999.

Installation of 24 sculptures in cedar wood coated in Meudon guesso. Déesses is an installation which was shown at the Menara Pavilion in Marrakech in 1999. The piece encompassed twenty-four human height sculptures made from cedar wood and coated in white gesso. Surrounding and reflected in a midnight blue pool, the Déesses are stretched thin with razor sharp edges and each has been lacerated down the middle and yet, they all strong, beautiful and stand perfectly en pointe. It is a reaction to the soft and round representation of women found from classical art all the way to the twentieth century, and yet, is distinctly feminine. The precision needed to balance on a needle point while cut in half highlights Déesses’ power. The installation was inspired by a Sir Isaac Newton quote: “The stars are like an array of needles all standing upright on their points, each ready to fall one way or the other at the least disturbance”. By suggesting that stars are fragile, that their flickering goes hand in hand with their twinkling, and that their equilibrium is just as precarious as ours, Goddesses references two fundamental facts of our time: fragility and precision.

Location: Menara Pavilion, Marrakech.

Menara Pavilion, Marrakech
Plan de l'installation
ELLE, mai 1999, “Entre rive gauche et médina” par François Baudot